League NewsFive Team Name Finalists for Baton Rouge Revealed

September 3, 20180

Baton Rouge, LA – August 6, 2018 – After over 1,200 votes were cast, the final five team name suggestions have been selected. Each of these remaining names has ties with the local Baton Rouge community and will instill pride within our fans.

The winner of the Cajun bracket was the Rougarou. The name Rougarou refers to a legendary creature, popular in the Cajun community, that is similar to a werewolf and is a big part of Cajun folklore. This creature will intimidate opponents and pay homage to the Cajun heritage of Baton Rouge. The winner of the food category was the Fighting Beignets. The Fighting Beignets is based on the traditional pastry that is popular in Louisiana culture. This name ties in to the local cuisine of the area. The winner of the baseball bracket was the Red Sticks. The Red Sticks refer to the name Baton Rouge, in English, but also relate to the bats or “sticks” the players will use on the field.

The winner of the Animal bracket was the River Monsters. The River Monsters refers to the creatures of legend that locals spot in the Mississippi River and are shrouded in mystery. Since this category was the closest, the Mighty Flamingoes were also selected to move on as they had the highest remaining vote total. The Mighty Flamingo name refers to the historic neighborhood of Spanish Town, and their tradition of using the flamingo mascot to celebrate the start of Mardi Gras.

The final round of voting runs through August 15th and voting will take place at www.batonrougetcl.com. Fans are encouraged to vote for their favorite as the winner will become the new name of the newest TCL franchise in Baton Rouge.

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