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August 25, 20180

Baton Rouge, LA – July 20, 2018 – After over 1000 submissions, we have selected our sixteen finalists for the official team name of the newest baseball franchise to join the TCL. The bracket will be split into four quadrants, each representing a key category relating to Baton Rouge history and culture. The four categories are Cajun, Animals, Food, and Baseball. One Lucky fan will win season tickets for filling out their bracket, with the final 4 names being announced on August 1.

The Cajun category includes the four names of Rougarous, River Pilots, Krewe, and Creole. The name Rougarou refers to a legendary creature, popular in the Cajun community, that is similar to a werewolf and is a big part of Cajun folklore. The name River Pilots refers to those who work hard to guide ships down the Mississippi River, that play such a key role in the Baton Rouge community. The name Krewe, refers to the groups that help celebrate the many carnivals of Louisiana, including Mardi Gras, and represents the celebratory spirit of Baton Rouge. Finally, the name Creole, refers to the cultural group who is unique to the Baton Rouge, and Louisiana area and pays homage to the group’s importance to the community.

The Animal category includes the four names of Mighty Flamingoes, Swamp Rabbits, Voodoo Chickens, and River Monsters. The Mighty Flamingo name refers to the historic neighborhood of Spanish Town, and their tradition of using the flamingo mascot to celebrate the start of Mardi Gras. The Swamp Rabbits name refers to the animal who calls the swamps and bayous of Louisiana home and is unique to the area. The River Monsters, which relates to the creatures that people have see in the Mississippi River over the years and Finally, Voodoo Chickens, with a local flare to your ordinary chicken.

The Food category is made up of the Fightin’ Beignets, Roux, Battling Butter, and Boudin. The Fighting Beignets is based on the traditional pastry that is popular in Louisiana. The Roux refers to the base that makes up a great deal of Louisiana style cooking. The Battling Butter is a reference to another key ingredient in the cooking style and foods of the Baton Rouge region. Finally, Boudin, is another food that is popular in Cajun cuisine and is also unique to the cooking of the Louisiana area.

The final category is the Baseball category, which pays tribute to the baseball history of Baton Rouge. The four names in this category are the Red Sticks, Blue Sox, Red Claws, and Boilers. The Red Sticks refer to the name Baton Rouge, in English, but also relate to the bats or “sticks” the players will use on the field. The name Boilers, will refer to the high heat that our pitchers will be throwing on the mound and the seafood boilers that are prevalent in Louisiana. The name Blue Sox, is a traditional baseball name, in the same vein as the Chicago White Sox or Boston Red Sox. Finally, the Red Claws is in reference to the crawfish that are popular in Louisiana and the great glove skills or “claws” that our players will have in the field.

The first round of voting will take place until midnight on July 31st and voting will take place at www.batonrougetcl.com. Fans are encouraged to vote in each category and the top vote getter from each quadrant will face off in the Road to the Name Final Four.

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